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Basically there are no limits, but we can't say that our service is unlimited. We apply the principle of fair usage. After some time of testing we can estimate an average usage that is enough for our clients and keep our service at high level. If we notice that you consume a lot of our bandwidth, we can turn your service off.
Yes, sure. If you are not sure whether our service will meet your expectations, please post trial request in our BHW thread (
There are only two situations when we can refresh your proxies.
First when proxies don't work and it is our technical fault.
Second when you pay for next period and wish to replace old proxies with new ones.
YES :) Our automatic system works 24h, so when you order and pay for proxies you should get them in few minutes. However, it can happen that, for technical reasons in exceptional cases the waiting time for the allocation of new proxy can be extended to 24 hours.
At this moment we accept paypal and bank transfer.
Yes, please visit our promotion page to see all lasting promotions. From time to time we organize short term promotions, so follow our fanpage or twitter to be UP-TO-DATE.
We decided to allow the connection only to specifically indicated pages due to the fact that they are the most desirable services among customers. At the same time we tried our best to optimize our proxy under these pages so that you can receive the best possible service on the network.
In addition, we have very limited opportunity to place our ranges on spam lists, so that only strengthens the quality of our proxy.
Using Scrapebox to verify the proxy, the program first sends a query to its servers by checking the anonymity level. For this reason, our proxy are marked as failed (403 code) because Scrapebox servers are not on the list of sites under which the proxy work. But don't worry! They work fine, you can use them to scrap tons of links directly in the harvester.
IP for authentication is an IP address from which you will be using our proxies (the ones you bought). So for example if you use our proxies on your computer you have to provide your home IP. If you use proxies on remote server you have to provide IP of this server etc. This prevent anyone else to get access to your proxies, only person with provided IP can use them.
You have several ways to contact us. Just log into an account and open a new ticket. You can also send us an email, our script will make automatic ticket for you.

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