Technical information

Technical information


After payment by the customer, will provide the desired number of proxy servers. Through the servers the client will be able to connect to the following domains and subdomains:,,,,,, The remaining pages are unreachable by assigned proxy servers. Each proxy is currently assigned to one customer only and is not shared in any way between the various users.


After paying for the service and its confirmation by the payment system, our automated system should automatically assign a purchased quantity of proxy servers. service stipulates that a system of automatic allocation may not work every time. Due to the participation of proxy servers that are not owned uncontrolled interruptions in service can occur. In case of problems, please contact us by E-mail.


Service essentially does not introduce any limits on the amount of data transmitted and the number of connections in the context of available sites. Everything should be done in the normal use of the so-called. "FAIR USAGE." This means that the client does not overuse the resources of the allocated proxies to generate excessive load. Based on their own experience and practice and in order to provide the highest quality of services, assumes that adequate level of resource based on rules for "FAIR USAGE ' use proxy servers is the data transfer rate of 4 GB per server proxy in the month, and up to 100 concurrent connections. These values ??allow for completely comfortable using the service while minimizing the likelihood of abuse of its relation to other services. monitors the data in collected logs, and reserves the right to block the customer, which violates the principle of "FAIR USAGE" of the purchased service contract.

SELECTION OF QUANTITIES OF PROXY SERVERS: Service as priority treats trouble-free operation of their servers. Customers using the service have significant impact on the proper operation of the site. For the service to work properly for all it is very important to choose the right number of servers to the planned activities. In the case of using too little of proxy servers, they may be banned for a time, or in some sites or permanently for manual release. In this case, the proxy server ceases to perform its function of connectivity, which has a direct impact on the operation of the service provided by If you select the wrong amount of proxies by the client the system reserves the right to block the customer.


Service generally does not expect the replacement of the servers. The replacement is possible only in the following cases: - defective / banned proxies were granted and guilt for the operation of servers is associated with a technical fault, for which is responsible - For technical reasons the client can not use just those assigned to servers in such a situation, please contact us. Replacing the proxy servers will not be possible if in the case of a client server has been blocked or banned. Especially in cases where for the planned activities the client used too few servers trying to send too much data or perform a very large number of parallel connections. Replacement of servers will be possible only after the payment for the new package, or after 30 days if a customer buys a subscription for another month.

TECHNICAL BREAKS: may temporarily turn off their servers to carry out technical work, during breaks such proxies will be disabled and you can not use them. For larger gaps appropriate information will appear on the or mailing will be sent to customers. Clients are not entitled to compensation for the lack of the service while conducting technical work. also informs that is uses third party infrastructure, so it has not the sole influence on the technical breaks or failures resulting in these companies. Therefore, there may be periodical outages proxy over which has no effect. Clients are not entitled to compensation for such failures. Please also note that we strive to provide the highest level of our services and we can boast the operation of servers at 99% +


Receiving a refund is possible only in the case of services not in accordance with the conditions specified in the offer and regulations. The customer has the right to receive the full refund of the fee. In any other case, the receipt of any refund is possible only after an individual assessment of its legitimacy. In individual cases, refund may be granted minus time using proxy servers and less any commissions of payment systems and banking services fees. Refund is not possible in the case when the customer activities led to a ban on supported sites / inclusion on spam lists granted proxies.


Our company takes very seriously the so-called "chargebacks". Because the client, who was not happy with the service he has the right to return any chargeback is treated as phishing service. In most cases, the matter is redirected to a friendly law firm and we report phishing to the police. We contact the bank of the card owner to submit all the required documents in the logs to prove that the service in fact been used and he chargeback is an attempt to defraud. In the case of large amounts or repeatedly recurring fraud, the case is directed to the court.

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