Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Massproxy.com service is supported by:

Data collection and confidentiality

When registering on the site Massproxy.com, the User should at least give his e-mail address, name and country of residence. The processing of personal data by Massproxy.com is in accordance with applicable laws. All data gained from customers are of particular concern Massproxy.com and are collected for the proper provision of services (including also for proper invoicing customers). Massproxy.com undertakes not to give personal information to third parties for marketing purposes or commercial. Massproxy.com collects personal customer when registering on the site massproxy.com. The customer has the right to inspect his data and change them at any time. Data that Customer provided to the billing invoice can be changed after contact via e-mail address and the signature of the appropriate declaration by the customer. Changing data to the billing invoice will come into force in the next cycle / period.

Use of logging data

Bearing in mind the safety of all users and care for the proper provision of services, Massproxy.com collects logs and stores them indefinitely, as the material to help in the administration of service. The information contained in them are not disclosed to anyone.


WHAT ARE "cookies"? "Cookies" must be understood as computer data, in particular text files that are stored in the user's terminal equipment for the use of websites. These files allow to recognize the user's device and properly display the web page tailored to their individual preferences. "Cookies" usually contain the name of the website from which time store them on a terminal device and a unique number. WHY WE use "cookies"? "Cookies" are used to adjust the content of the web site massproxy.com to user preferences and to optimize the use of this website. They are also used to create anonymous, aggregated statistics that help to understand how the user uses the website which allows improving its structure and content, except for the personal identification of the user. WHAT "COOKIES" FILE WE USE? There are two types of "cookies" - "Session" and "fixed". The first of these are temporary files that remain on your device until you log off from the website or disable the software (web browser). "Fixed" files remain on your device for the time specified in the parameters of "cookies" or until they are manually removed by the user. "Cookies" used by the website operator partners, in particular the users of the website, are subject to their own privacy policies. DO "cookies" INCLUDE PERSONAL DATA Personal data collected using "cookies" may be collected solely in order to perform specific functions for the user. Such data are encrypted to prevent access to unauthorized persons. DELETING "COOKIES"FILE The standard software used to view web pages by default allows placement of "cookies" on the end terminal. These settings can be changed in such a way as to block the automatic handling of "cookies" in the web browser or inform them whenever transferred to the user's device. Detailed information about the possibilities and methods of use "cookies" are available in the software settings (web browser). Restricting the use of "cookies", can affect some of the functionality available on the website of the service massproxy.com


The user using the services of Massproxy.com is subject to the terms hereof. Terms can be changed by placing new or revised regulations or other annexes governing the provision of services by Massproxy.com. Please also note that a change in regulations may occur in the power of the findings contained in paragraph 2 of section 5 of the Regulations.

The client registering on the Massproxy.com and each time making a purchase confirms that he has read the Regulations and the Privacy Policy and accept them.

1. Definitions


-Client- A natural person or a company with an account on the Massproxy.com

-Services- Provided by Massproxy.com rely on providing the Customer with selected packages of IP addresses (proxy), for which Massproxy.com receives remuneration

-Agreement (also Order) - an agreement under which Massproxy.com provides services to the client

2. The General Conditions of Service

1. The scope of services provided by Massproxy.com involves allocating client access to proxy servers, which are located in different countries

2. Massproxy.com provides services based on orders placed by the customer after accepting the Rules.

3. The contract is concluded for a period of one month and can be freely renewed for further months. If you do not extend the Agreement , it shall be terminated with the passage of time for which it was concluded.

4.The agreement shall be understood as an order and payment for it on massproxy.com website

5. The customer agrees to the change in the offer of services provided by Massproxy.com; At the same time he acknowledges that the amendment will enter into force 14 days after publication, but not earlier than after the expiry of the current services ordered by the customer.

6. The customer has the right to terminate the contract when it is not provided or is rendered improperly.

7. Massproxy.com has the right to terminate the Agreement in case of non-compliance with the findings in paragraph 3.

3. Use of the Services by the client for purposes contrary to the Rules or the law

1. Client is prohibited to use the Services in violation of the rules or the law, in particular to bring about the disruption of another web.

2. Customer must not use the Services for illegal action, including infringing copyright, spamming, phishing, and also prohibits any unauthorized use of the Internet to violate the privacy or intimidate others. It is prohibited to use the software for placing spam on forums or blogs on the internet.

3. Client shall be prohibited from using the Service in a way that could lead to network failure , congestion or reduction of services provided by Massproxy.com to customers.

4. Applicable law

1. The law applicable to these Terms and Conditions will be governed by Polish law.

5. The claim of recourse

1. The customer is obliged to repair the damage caused by the placement or transmission of the Services content, data and information that violate the law, by use of services for purposes prohibited by law or violation of these Terms and Conditions. In the event that a third party as a result of the abovementioned actions of Customer incurs damage and directs claim to Massproxy.com, its employee, agent or other entity, which Massproxy.com uses when providing services, the Client will be obliged to refund any Massproxy.com charges that Massproxy.com had to pay in respect of these claims, as well as any costs incurred to defend against these claims.

6. Further resale

1. Massproxy.com does not agree to pay or free transfer of the proxy addresses to a third party or any provision of the proxy addresses obtained from Massproxy.com.

7. Inability to provide services

1. In case of inability to perform services or improper performance of the Services, Massproxy.com is obliged to extend the provision of the Services on the number on which the service was not provided or was provided improperly.

8. Changes in the regulations and the Privacy Policy

1. The change in the Rules and Privacy Policy will be published everytime on massproxy.com.

9. Complaints

1. All complaints are dealt with within max three working days after filing the complaint. The complaint should be submitted via e-mail at the time of lack of access to services or service improperly / inconsistent with the agreement. Massproxy.com will take all steps to provide services in a manner consistent with the Agreement. The customer has the right to return 1/30 of remuneration paid to Massproxy.com for each day in which the service is provided in an improper manner or not provided at all.

10. Payments

1. All prices stated on the website are gross prices.

2. For each transaction invoice is issued after payment.

3. Payments for services are charged in advance for the whole period.

4. Payments can be made via wire transfer to a bank account or through PayPal

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